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#SelfLove Saturdaze

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

What a trip 2018 was, am I right?! Emotionally, I never thought I'd be tested like I was-- nor did I think I'd actually pass those tests. I want to share a year-end personal reflection and some intentions I have for 2019. Namely, I'm going to talk a lot more about self-love and personal healing as I have experienced it.

I'm just a 20 something living in Brooklyn, New York, but I know that if even one person resonates with anything I'm saying, I've made a beautiful mark on the world. So let's rewind to this time last year– WTF happened?!

Video by Max Halley via Vimeo.

I was in the ending stages of moving past a very toxic relationship. I felt guilty. Not just about him but also about moving and being so far away from my family. A lot of wild stuff happened in 2017 (that I'll share in an upcoming post) that I thought I could just brush off and put behind me. NOT HOW IT WORKS! It gets really ugly before it starts to seem like reality again. A lot of physical and mental work has to go into reprogramming yourself a lot of diet work in the realm of wholistic healing, healing– even holiness all have to do with returning to the 'whole.' But how do you find your way back when you can't fix all the pieces?

Deepak Chopra talked about the etymology of the word 'healing' in a lecture he gave at Cal discussing his book, "The Healing Self," and how the words 'holy,' 'wholistic,' and 'healing,' have the same root meaning in "the return /returning to the whole." In his lecture he reminds us of the journey we've already

My personal journey has included a lot of broken pieces, a lot of shattering and cracking and a whole lot of reflection on what to do with all those broken pieces. How do I become whole again?

While in 2018 I found myself desperately searching for the right glue, the right people, the right everything to patch those pieces back together, I realize now that those pieces will never be repaired and that is so magnificent. I can forge on and continue on my path of abundance, success and freedom knowing that these broken pieces only define the past, not the future. My history is set in stone, my intentions are not. My fate, my journey, my destiny all rest within this present moment and within the choices I create and make for myself everyday.

I'm not putting anything back together this year, I'm working with the cracks and allowing them to let my light shine through. The cracks of vulnerability, of heartache, of passion and desire-- those are the cracks I want to spread light from. Those are the places where I know I can nourish my spirit and share my soul. This week I challenge you to ask yourself a question-

"Have I ever been better than I am right now?"

The way I think about it is if your answer is yes, then pause for a minute– unpack that. Why did you say yes? If not, well it's probably because you recognize that right now you are the culmination of a singular moment in the universe where it literally took a piece of everything to create you and that your ability to be alive is yet another feat of the universe we do not comprehend and for this alone you are amazing. To watch the full lecture click the video below. Share and comment to help get the conversation going. Brunch for one on #SelfLoveSaturdays

I'll be sharing tips, tricks and life stories on Saturdays so subscribe if you vibe. Peace.


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