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How Getting In Touch With Lunar Cycles Improved My Mental Health | #Moonbabe

I can guarantee you if it weren't for a datebook or my phone alarms I'd think every day was Thursday. Understanding the moon a little better has literally changed my entire life. As someone who seems to be in a constant thought-storm of chaos, it is incredibly comforting to know that with some mindful practices and small rituals I can improve my organization, productivity and overall happiness.

In the fall of last year I purchased the Many Moons Lunar Planner from Kollectiv, one of my favorite wellness spa's and cafe in NYC. I'd had a Lunar-based planner before and although the old planner was not a 10/10, I noticed that tracking the moon along with my daily routines and important deadlines was a really natural way for me to keep track of my schedule. I could track my cycle, remember when bills were due and was even factoring in time to clean, meditate and play.

What took this to the next level? Full moon rituals. (Don't worry, we'll get into that later..)

While the reflections and intention setting spaces at the beginning and end of the months were helpful, the full moon ritual helped me to put my practices into perspective. It gave me something to look forward to and ultimately, to plan around. I would be sure to clean my home in the week leading up to the full moon, I'd schedule things to give myself time to enjoy my peace, I began putting myself first in my daily agenda.

I've always struggled with staying organized, mostly because I never found there to be any immediate benefits worth my while. Once it became natural and convenient to start organizing things, the rest just started to flow.

I also started acknowledging the feminine divine energy that surrounds the cycles of the moon, the oceans and our bodies. Sounds a little extreme, I get it, but it has given me a deeper sense of connection and oneness with my goals and myself. If you're not all in for the sage and spells, at least consider embracing the natural cycles of our planet as a way to deepen the connection between you, your motivation and your goals. When things feel natural, they flow naturally.

Allllll that to say, my new natural flow is unmatched. It's satisfying my soul and confidence. I can center my life around self-care and still produce results. Feelin' #blessed. Still skeptical about all this moontalk? Read up a bit on it here.

If you're someone who struggles with staying organized, or someone who is obsessively so, what are some of the most effective and satisfying ways you keep it together? Comment your answers and hit me with tips!

(p.s. If I were a YouTube channel, what kind of content would you find most insightful? Comment below or message me on Instagram with ideas/inspo!)


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