FitHouse: Sweat for the Soul

Photograph by Katherine Elam

Open up your third eye with a great sweat session. FitHouse is one of my latest obsessions! Thanks to IntoApp I got to try a free class with one of my friends and the moment I walked into the NoHo studio I was hooked. The membership-based fitness club features a rotating schedule of pilates, barre, yoga and high-intensity cardio workout classes.

Image from FitHouse

The variety of classes and rotating schedule make this gym an ideal spot for models and dancers to get their daily dose of sweat. It's aesthetic, convenient and located near all the hottest boutiques and shops in Soho, Manhattan.

Image from FITT, NYC.

Personal favorite routine is to go to 6:30am barre followed by yoga. Barre helps you tighten, strengthen and tone your muscles and following it up with yoga will allow you to stretch your muscles out and help activate the areas surrounding those major muscles to keep your muscles defined and limber. Their instructors are all upbeat, positive and knowledgable teachers who really help you personalize your experience to get the best out of your workout.

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