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NYFW: New Age of Babes

New York Fashion Week 2018 featured some incredible talent and amazing new collections. The most notable of the 2018 shows was Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty collection. This production not only broke new ground in the ready-to-wear industry, it is sure to be the first of many new age shows that showcase more than just garments. RiRi wasn't the only one bringing women's diversity and inclusion to the runway. Check out NYFW's favorite beach babes in Mery Playa by Mery Racauchi and Sofia Resing.

The dynamic designer/model duo kicked off summer in style with their Mery Playa launch party at Spring Studios in June. The one of a kind event had everything from ice cream and pool floaties to actual sand! They definitely brought the beach back for fall in their latest NYFW show. I had a blast hanging out in the style lounge with show sponsor, Sketchers. Swimwear isn't just for the beach, you know!

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Wearing: MeryPlaya in Sketchers lounge at NYFW Style360.

The model/designer duo made a huge splash with the launch of their swimsuit collection, Mery Playa by Sofia Resing. Racauchi and Resing debuted their collection at the Style360 shows with an army of #MeryBabes from across the world. With supermodels like Joy Corrigan, Lily Lane, Sofia Zamolo and Khrystyana heating up the runway there's no doubt that Mery Playa brought together a host of women from all corners of the industry. Another ode to body positivity as the show featured women of all different sizes and skin colors, coming together for a throwback 90's day at the beach!

Check out video from the Mery Playa by Sofia Resing fashion show! Follow me on Instagram and shop my look from the new collection now!


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